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KKDREAM Lyrica for fibro and neuropathy pain “Watch the Lyrica it can have many bad side effects. It worked great for me at first, then as…”
lovnlife Are you aware of sleep disturbances? “I also have used Cymbalta in the past. My doctor SWEARS that it works. I was on it for…”
RawlsMD Decreased brain activity and Fibro? “Did anybody see this article about links between decreased brain activity and fibromyalgia? What do you think? http://www.medicalne­­/283346.php”
papasangel Lost? How do you find yourself again? “I have not been one to come to a site where we can discuss things of a personal nature but…”
dwjames Quick Poll: Is it important to you to… “I have a wonderful Dr. I have set in her lobby bawling my eyes out and she was able…”

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