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gemmalouie hi “A lot has happened since my last post, he's been giving me mixed signals all the time telling me he…”
Dr Gary Quick Poll: What Are You Looking Forward To? “I am convinced that one of the keys to maintaining an optimistic attitude is to always have something to look…”
Lana Fibromyalgia - What things do you no longer… “It seems like “I am sorry” has played on repeat for so many years since getting sick. I felt guilty…”
montimori A new technology which may be able to… “Hello! I figured I'd post here and see if anyone is interested in this new product, which has a goal…”
Twinsiste Staying informed. Are you active or just humming… “Been doing the for years now. Stay away from gabapentins, the cause muscles to weaken and you feel worse. Take…”

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