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FrustratedMK30 How is Winter Treating you? “Lord lst me tell you ti has been very hard for me so far! I tend to feel weather changes…”
Lana Advocating For Yourself “If you suffer from chronic illness and pain, it is important to learn to advocate for yourself. And you are…”
Dr Gary Advocating for yourself? Just what does that mean? ““Advocate” is one of those terms I hear tossed around a lot, by my clients, by other professionals, and in…”
aleahk Just join today.. “Hey TNMimi! Welcome to fibromyalgia connect! I'm sorry you're having problems sleeping and are experiencing flare ups from the weather.”
laur45 Neck Pain “Hello. I'm Laura. I am 50 years old going to be 51 in March. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia late 2014.”

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