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Aunt Sonie Finding A Good Bra “I've tried all kinds, but still have difficulty finding a bra that stays comfortable. It may feel good when…”
jennipresswood Childhood Abuse related to fibromyalgia? What is your… “I don't think this is correct. I got fibro about a year after getting the anthrax vaccine in the military.”
baffling Spinal cord stimulator “Has anyone had the spinal cord stimulator implant? What was your experience...if so. Thanks”
Dr Gary What are mealtimes like at your house? “In every culture around the world, shared meals with friends or family are a way of connecting with each other.”
Christyrn95 FibroFlare “This flare is killing me. Sensory overload, pain, nausea, light and sounds are painful, headaces, can't concentrate. I do notwant…”

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