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NancyVance Farewell Negativity <3 “I'm so glad I found this entry. I love the approach. I'm ready to say goodbye to external & internal…”
evelynse Memory Problems? Distracted Attention? Not Finding the Right… “Hi! I agree with what you say about doctors downplaying cognitive dysfunction (because my doctor does it every time…”
Dr Gary Chronic Communication at Home: Fuzzy Bunnies Save the… “So, here we go again: Some days are better than others. And today, isn’t a great day. You’re just not feeling…”
Lana Struggling with Low Motivation “Some days, it takes a lot out of me just to make it through the work day. When I get…”
jayabee52 Any friends in Knoxville TN “Howdy Fibromom You can search for people close to you by clicking on "members" above and then using the "mingle…”

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