Fibromyalgia Product Reviews

countrygal2345 Triamcinoplone/ Aristocort A; Aristocort HP; Kenalog, Triderm To treat a variety of skin conditions/ e.g., eczema; Dermatitis; Allergies; Rash.
By countrygal2345 Added at October 8, 2011 Reviews 1
countrygal2345 Calciferol,Calderol,Drisdol Vitamin D oral.
By countrygal2345 Added at October 8, 2011 Reviews 1
dwjames Homedics Micropedic Pillows I found these wonderful pillows, Homedic Mircropedic Pillows by Tony Little. I was buying pillows like every few weeks.
By dwjames Added at September 5, 2011 Reviews 2
lynnrh HTP-5 Supposed to help with fibromyalgia and migraines.
By lynnrh Added at August 18, 2011 Reviews 10
gottobemovingon zanaflex muscle relaxant.
By gottobemovingon Added at August 16, 2011 Reviews 6
Turtle Ibprofuen Med. for influmation.
By Turtle Added at August 6, 2011 Reviews 2
Turtle probiotics Taking high doses to treat all physical ailments.
By Turtle Added at July 20, 2011 Reviews 6
1cookie :) Tony Little HoMedics Micropedic Sleep Pillows 2-pack - Standard or Jumbo Give yourself the gift of a better night's sleep. These contouring, supportive pillows cradle your head and neck in comfort…
By 1cookie :) Added at June 23, 2011 Reviews 4
1cookie :) Sunbeam Slumberheat Pad Larger (~3' x 2') size heating pad.
By 1cookie :) Added at June 18, 2011 Reviews 4
1cookie :) Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy Peggy Cappy, seen on PBS shows ways to strengthen muscles, increase mobility designed for the injured and arthrtis stiffend folks…
By 1cookie :) Added at June 18, 2011 Reviews 1
1cookie :) Yoga for Arthritis, Pathways to Better Living with Arthritis & Related Conditions Made by the Arthritis Foundation. Geared toward those who have Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis. A 52 min program…
By 1cookie :) Added at June 18, 2011 Reviews 1
1cookie :) Yonanas Frozen treat maker.
By 1cookie :) Added at June 4, 2011 Reviews 5
kittenpurr1 MedicIdBracelet You plug these into the computer, and load important data into them, your allergic reactions, doctot info, hospital of choice…
By kittenpurr1 Added at March 29, 2011 Reviews 5
linniede Homedics Heating Pad Simiilar to most heating pads; may be used with moist or dry heat. Includes 4 heat setting. The BIG difference…
By linniede Added at February 18, 2011 Reviews 7
Lana Kiss My Back - Mesh Back Support Mesh back support for chairs that helps provide your back with the ergonomic support it needs.
By Lana Added at November 18, 2010 Reviews 5