Fibromyalgia Product Reviews — Pain Management

lynnrh Sundown Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc Promotes bone health & Nerve Function.
By lynnrh Added at October 19, 2012 Reviews 3
Mken Flex-Ability It's a compound of herbs. Chinese classic to support flexibility, traditionally used to support muscles, bones and normal circulation. It…
By Mken Added at August 26, 2012 Reviews 5
Robertstwin1 Imak Arthritis Gloves (Pack of 2) IMAK Arthritis Gloves were designed by an orthopedic surgeon and help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with Arthritis of…
By Robertstwin1 Added at August 20, 2012 Reviews 2
Lana Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Pack The Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Pack offers soothing relief from aches and pains.
By Lana Added at August 6, 2012 Reviews 5
Shelly-64 Cellgevity Increase's the glutathione levels.
By Shelly-64 Added at July 10, 2012 Reviews 1
omagg mirapex Mostly prescribed for RLS. Starts with small dose builds to larger dose. With each increase you will feel better and…
By omagg Added at April 9, 2012 Reviews 1
nana_1968 WAHL Massager (hand held ) I got this back in the summer from WalGreens. It is a hand held massager with 10 different massaging heads…
By nana_1968 Added at January 12, 2012 Reviews 3
dwjames Homedics Micropedic Pillows I found these wonderful pillows, Homedic Mircropedic Pillows by Tony Little. I was buying pillows like every few weeks.
By dwjames Added at September 5, 2011 Reviews 2
lynnrh HTP-5 Supposed to help with fibromyalgia and migraines.
By lynnrh Added at August 18, 2011 Reviews 10
gottobemovingon zanaflex muscle relaxant.
By gottobemovingon Added at August 16, 2011 Reviews 6
Turtle Ibprofuen Med. for influmation.
By Turtle Added at August 6, 2011 Reviews 2
1cookie :) Tony Little HoMedics Micropedic Sleep Pillows 2-pack - Standard or Jumbo Give yourself the gift of a better night's sleep. These contouring, supportive pillows cradle your head and neck in comfort…
By 1cookie :) Added at June 23, 2011 Reviews 4
1cookie :) Sunbeam Slumberheat Pad Larger (~3' x 2') size heating pad.
By 1cookie :) Added at June 18, 2011 Reviews 4
1cookie :) Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy Peggy Cappy, seen on PBS shows ways to strengthen muscles, increase mobility designed for the injured and arthrtis stiffend folks…
By 1cookie :) Added at June 18, 2011 Reviews 1
1cookie :) Yoga for Arthritis, Pathways to Better Living with Arthritis & Related Conditions Made by the Arthritis Foundation. Geared toward those who have Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis. A 52 min program…
By 1cookie :) Added at June 18, 2011 Reviews 1