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Holistic Approach Treats Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue

By Kathleen Blanchard — From

— Henri Roca, MD, Medical Director at Greenwich Hospital’s Center for Integrative Medicine in Cos Cob, Connecticut suggests fibromyalgia pain and fatigue could be treated by taking a holistic approach that incorporates more than just pain medications to manage symptoms of pain and fatigue. Dr. Roca says…

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over 8 years

10 Facts About Fibromyalgia

By Editors of Prevention Magazine — From

— Fibromyalgia is “real, frustrating, and frightening” as many of you know. One of things that we know is that we are not crazy and fibromyalgia is real because at six million Americans have it. However, this does not mean that our doctors, friends, and…

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Fibromyalgia: Symptoms and Treatment

By Jessica Chambers — From

— Two to four percent of the U.S. population suffers from fibromyalgia and it occurs more often in women than men. This article goes into what fibro is, what treatment options there are, and what patients can do to their condition under control.

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“Invisible Illness” Impacts More Than 5 Million Americans

By — From

— With more than five million Americans living with fibromyalgia, finding better ways to understand possible causes can provide patients with hope and new ways to work with their medical providers to better manage pain and symptoms. With new research on the horizon, hope can make a…

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Fibromyalgia: Author shares a way through the pain


— Valerie Lumley is a fibro sufferer who symptoms and pain left her housebound for many years. In her book, "Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia," she discusses natural options, physical therapy, and removal of stressful situations and relationships to help deal with, minimize and eliminate fibro symptoms.

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about 8 years

Fibromyalgia, new approaches, better results, always hope

By Andree Gisele — From

— “A change in how we eat is always an essential and necessary step toward healing.”
Specific Supplementation
Holothuroidea, an echinoderm, use for centuries in Asiatic countries. It is considered as a delicacy. Sea cucumbers or cucumaria frondosais a worm-like animal that lives in seas worldwide. It is naturally…

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13 Mistakes Fibromyalgia Patients Make

By Amanda Gardner — From

— When you deal with the pain, fatigue and a variety of symptoms that makeup fibromyalgia, it could tough and it can be worse if you make certain mistakes. This article discusses a variety of mistakes that fibro patients make and how to make living with fibro…

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over 8 years

Exploring the Research on Homeopathic Treatment for Fibromyalgia

By Donna Ullman — From

— Several new studies from leading medical journals have found some outstanding results in homeopathic treatment for fibromyalgia. In addition to great results, these remedies are known not to show drug interactions as conventional drugs.
The first controlled study tested homeopathic treatment for fibro patients found that…

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Fibromyalgia Fixes: Treatments Worth Trying

By Marie Karns — From

— We know there is no cure for fibromyalgia but there are some really good ways of controlling pain and fatigue. While this is a combination of treatments and therapies, it can vary from person to person so the key is finding relief in a way that…

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over 8 years

"Big Study" on Exercise in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Adrienne Dellwo — From

— There is a new study out about chronic fatigue syndrome and exercise therapy. It is a small study of about 600 participants out of the United Kingdom. The researchers of this study looked at whether participants did better with standard care and either exercise therapy, cognitive…

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about 8 years