Jaime Sanders: A Fibromyalgia Warrior!

From consumerhealthdigest.com Published at December 14, 2015 Views 2,514 Likes 2

As a child, I was diagnosed with Migraine after suffering severe and debilitating headaches that would keep me out of school. I was 8 years old at the time of diagnosis. I still suffer from Migraine, which developed into Chronic Migraine in my late twenties. For several years now, I have experienced episodes of pain over various parts of my body which I dismissed to being due to doing too much as usual. Three years ago, however, I started having constant pain and stiffness in my ankles and severe cramping in my hands and wrists. I thought the ankle pain was due to spraining them when my feet slipped out of my sandals and attributed the pain in my hands and wrists to arthritis. This continued for months until I decided to have these issues looked at by my doctor.

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