What are mealtimes like at your house?

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Dr Gary

In every culture around the world, shared meals with friends or family are a way of connecting with each other. Talking about the day. Getting and giving encouragement. Making plans together.

Shared meals can enhance your sense of well-being. They can help you to lower stress. Increase your sense of optimism. Help you to maintain your perspective. And this all has a positive impact on your overall emotional wellness. Especially important if you are living with a chronic condition.

I wrote an article on this topic awhile back. Here’s a link:


So a few questions: What are mealtimes like at your house? Do you have meals together? Or is eating a grab and run kind of thing?

Also, how do you manage differences in dietary requirements at family mealtimes? Does your family eat the same food as you do, or do prepare your own food?

Do any issues come up around food choices at mealtimes?

And a last question: Any advice to share to help other members handle issues that come up in relation to family mealtimes?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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