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Hi I have for the last 2 years my symptoms have got worse I have Lesions on the brain although they say are non specific I have problems remembering things short term severe headaches and eye pain and problems with strong light or sunlight I have constant pain in my lower back buttocks and legs and feet pins and needles and numbness losing feeling from the waist down when sitting I have constant pain like a large necklace around my neck worse when wearing clothes,showering or being hugged by my son I have problems with my bowels as well as disturbed sleep and severe fatigue . I have had many tests MRI SPINAL TAP EMG BLOOD TESTS THEY HAVE ALL BEEN NORMAL APART FROM THE LESIONS does anyone else have this symptoms and no diagnosis I currently tKe 2400 mg of gabapentin per day this refuses the problem but not if I do anything or walk distance

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