A new technology which may be able to help those with Fibromyalgia

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Hello! I figured I'd post here and see if anyone is interested in this new product, which has a goal of helping those suffering from Fibromyalgia. A quick explanation first: unexplained pains and unexplained fatigue can both be traced back to a deficiency in one's Soleus muscles - often called the body's "secondary heart". Basically, when the heart pumps blood out, this blood is only sent back upward because of these Soleus muscles in the legs. If these muscles aren't working correctly, blood tends to pool in the feet and legs. This can lead to fatigue, poor concentration, low energy levels, swelling of the hands/feet, sore legs, "mind fog", etc… This circulation problem can come about if one sits a lot (like in an office job), or it can just come with age.

My point in telling you this is that there's this product called the HeartPartner which works to alleviate symptoms and, over time, actually correct the underlying physical problem. The technology can be used while sitting in a couch or at a desk, without even taking your shoes off. The vibrations of the device specifically target the secondary hearts in the legs and correct the tissue inside while improving your overall circulation.

I was pretty skeptical until a family member tried it and got really amazing results. He went from getting absolutely no sleep at night despite constant exhaustion and pain, to doing a complete 180 once he started using the HeartPartner. I was kind of amazed. The machine can even help people with restless legs syndrome. You can learn more at their website: http://www.sonostics.com/

Thanks for reading through all this. If anyone actually tries it, let me know the results! I'd love to hear another success story on account of this product :)

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