Keeping the stress down at home: How does everybody keep their cool at your house?

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Dr Gary

Clients often talk to me about something their partner does, or they do, that can ruin the day. It can be as simple as a facial expression, a smile that seems more like a smirk. A complaint that feels like blame. Words that are taken as a criticism, unfairly given. Or not speaking at all.

In other words, hot buttons. And having one of those hot buttons pushed can lead to hurt or angry feelings. Conflict. And stress.

Everybody has a hot button or two. And the challenges of living with a chronic condition can leave those hot buttons ripe for the pushing. But a stressful environment can also have a negative impact on your health. Who needs that?

So, maybe you and your partner are already working on how to recover from those breakdowns in communication that can occur when someone’s button gets pushed. Great!

What about promoting a calm, supportive environment at home? One that promotes positive attitude and happiness? In other words, what if those buttons didn’t get pushed in the first place?

Here’s a link to an article with some ideas for you:

What about at your house? Anything you, your partner, and your other family members due to keep the stress on low and the cool on high? To promote peace at home? Or, need some help?

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