Doctors are they practicing medicine or practicing?

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Thanks to momsie11
I could right a book on becom victors verses Victims of the medical community. Everyone though it is sad must!! be their own adovacte.
I have had hoorible experiences in the hospital. Once I needed help due to dizzness in the bathroon I rang and rang. Two hours later I got help. I wondered if I could of called 911 "I have Fallen and I can't get up. So here are some tips "surviving the ER and or hospital.
(1) if you end uo with a docotor or nurse that treats you badly you can get a different one, but they will say they can not do it, if you are vocal enough you do get another one.
(2) Listen to you intuition, if something you feel is off SPEAK UP(I ended up once with a woman who did not belong there pretending I knew before the hospital new. There are many docotor so do not hesitate quietly firing them. I am now on my fifth DR and this was the end of last year to this year.
I would love to hear more tips how to be proactive in your own lives with the medical community.

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  • yoopergal
    yoopergal February 27, 2013 at 11:26 am   

    Since I am employed in the medical field, I have a lot of experience in this . First off, if this is your initial visit, do not go in cold, have a pad of paper with everything you want to discuss with the dr, all the medications you are taking, and any problems that you are having at the time of the visit. Depending on how large of an area you are in, don't tell the phy that you have already seen a number of other physicians in the area. Most physician are friends or are at least linked by ppo organizations ect. When we hear that, we think the patient is dr shopping especially if they are looking for rx drugs. If you have medical records of prior surgeries, xrays, lab results..bring them. It will save time and money if the dr has something to look at when deciding on a dx and treatment plan for you. if you are expecting to get bad news or are doing a follow-up visit from surgery or other procedures, it helps to bring another person with you. many time patient hear something the dr says and start to fixate on that and do not hear the rest of what is being said. It's always better to have another set of ears to be sure you did not miss or misunderstand something. make sure you have your co-pays, insurance cards and picture id with you. Most all physicians are now requesting these. If you feel that you are not being treated with respect by a hospital employee or dr's office employee, tell the physician or write a letter to the hospital. Believe me, many insurance companies are now determining special programs and pay rates on the satisfaction of the patient. Hope this helps some