Just started Lyrica

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3rd day down with 75mg x2 per day. First day I was very dizzy, almost all day. Like I had a lot of drinks the night before, but I was still a little drunk. No way would I have been able to drive. The pain was definitely low. In fact, I didn't take my Tramadol at all, just one loratab at noon. Strange, that's never happened before. It was recommended I take the last 75mg at night, but I took mine at 6pm. Felt good by 8pm, actually got very sleepy and I slept hard till I woke up in pain at 5am. Very stiff, but actually pretty good. Took another Lyrica, but this time the brain fog set in. Terrible. I still felt dizzy and drunk, but not as bad. I ran errands and all and all it was a good day. (Aside from calling my three boys different names all day…pfff) Took Loratab at 8am and 4pm this time. By 8pm after taking my Lyrica at 6, I was not tired or sleepy. Finally made myself go to bed at 10:30pm. Tossed and turned with a really bad headache until 3, then finally went to sleep. This morning up at 6am, feel terrible. I have an obvious flare going on here. Hands hurt and body aches.Is this a part of the drug? How can I tell? So, We shall see how this goes. I'm sure this drug has been overly discussed here, but I would like to know others who have taken this drug. It literally sat on my dresser for 1 week before I took the first one.

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