Brother diagnosed with FMS

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W Fox

About a month or so ago, my little brother (not really that little, he's a 1 1/2 yrs younger than me) called and asked why I was applying for ssi disability. I told him about the FMS, among other medical problems.

He was referred to the same orthopedic medical group that I am currently seeing and a doctor in that group diagnosed him with FMS last week.

Im really not surprised with this, but, what is surprising is that the doctor that diagnosed him said this disorder is very common in our family. I have a very large family on my dad's side and our last name is very common in this area. I have more first and second cousins that its likely I will never meet them all before I die. There are so many that its not unusual to check the family tree before dating anyone from the tribes we are connected to.

My brothers doctor speculated that this disorder runs in the family blood line. My brother and I compared symptoms and I am not surprised that STRESS is most prominent.

On top of everything else, I have agoraphobia, agoraphobia symptoms include:

Fear of being alone in any situation
Fear of being in crowded places
Fear of losing control in a public place
Fear of being in places where it may be hard to leave, such as an elevator or train
Inability to leave your house for long periods (housebound)
Sense of helplessness
Overdependence on others
A sense that your body is unreal
In addition, you may also have signs and symptoms similar to a panic attack

Native americans are at the top of the list when it comes to this phobia. I have not explored why this is but I would speculate it is the way we are brought up. I have a very low tolerance for conflict and it makes it very hard to deal with ppl being disrespectful and having a lack of compassion for others. Again, I am just speculating. My brother shares these symptoms and it has severely limited our ability to socialize, work, run errands, attend important dates or even manage details of daily life (proof of this is in My Feed).

It sure sounds like an impossible battle fighting stress in our day and age. Speaking on principles, however, I believe that avoiding and managing STRESS in our lives can prevent flares or at the very least- lessen the symptoms.

I love my little brother. At one point we were best friends hunting, fishing, and motor biking, but having our own family's we grew apart which is the way of things. Im glad that I can help him and in return I get another point of view of this disorder. Along with friends here online and my brother, I dont feel so disconnected and alone.

Love and Peace

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  • W Fox
    W Fox December 10, 2011 at 4:08 pm   

    An aside, not JUST how native americans are brought up but all ppls from differing backgrounds, etc., raised with high morals and family values and/or with rigid expectations. I would guess that a person can develop the high morals, family values and set up rigid expectations for themselves as well.