Christmas Spirit Is Contagious!

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I was shopping at Walmart this evening (it's not something I can avoid forever, because I have cats so I need to buy cat litter regardless of anything else I can put off) and I was just walking out of the store, wasn't feeling too terrible bad, but also wasn't feeling too terrible great, you know?

So the Salvation Army guy is standing out front ringing his damn bell. He was ringing the damn red bell when I went in as well. I don't want to sound nasty, but I wonder if I'm alone in thinking this way… LOL everytime I see these guys this little nasty character in my head, the little Fibro demon, whispers in my ear that I am disgruntled because I am making less money and in worse shape than a lot of the people getting these charity helps and well it usually irritates the hell out of me. And I know that's wrong. But I can't help it sometimes.

Anyway, so I'm coming back out to go to my car (my OLD car, with no working heat) and still not feeling too charitable, you know? but then I see this young couple, I mean like teenagers, walk out of the store past me with a hot coffee from the in-store Dunkin Donuts and they HAND it to this poor guy. And just like that, I felt ashamed of my bad attitude. This guy is standing here in his red Salvation Army clothes, ringing that bell, and I looked at him, and I could see he isn't some rich guy, he's not an OFFICER of the SA, he's probably one of the people that would be homeless if it weren't for their charity. And he was SO nice, and SO grateful for that hot coffee…

After he thanked them and they just went on their way… I said to him how nice it was to see young people thinking of other people than themselves, and he agreed, and he wished me a Merry Christmas, and I just walked to my car, thinking, wow that was so nice, I should do something…

And then just as I got done unloading the items in my cart and putting them in my car, this lady who had JUST parked hurried up and got out of her car and said "I'll take that cart for you" just as nice as anything. Of course, she was going inside, and probably wanted the nice WARM cart as opposed to a cold dirty one, but still, she was so nice about it.

It just made me think some more, and I went into my wallet and got a $5 out of it and went back up to the front of the store and I couldn't find the Salvation Army bellringer! Then I saw a van to the side and there was 3 workers in it from the Salvation Army and the guy was in the back seat, they had just loaded him up to go home… I ran over real quick and handed them the fiver and asked them to add it to their bucket before they left…

I drove home thinking about how nice it is to see people being charitable around the holidays, when normally all you see is a$$holes everywhere. I don't like to think of myself as being one of those, but maybe sometimes I am. I should stop focusing so much on how bad I feel, sometimes, and just start spreading some more of that Christmas spirit right now, I think it's contagious and will spread…

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