What kind of Super or Hyper Sensitive are you?

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W Fox

I have always been hypersensitive to light, sound, smells, and touch. A persons voice, the smell of perfume or cologne, or a normally lit room is unbearable to me.

Ive found myself making excuses why I cant shake someones hand, or say politely, no hugs please. I avoid places that are brightly lit and noisey. I dont know how many times Ive thrown clothes out not because they dont fit or they are not attractive, but how they felt. For me, touch can also include what kind of energy you feel from a person or a place.

It really is something that dramatically affects not only your lifestyle but the overall quality of life.

I think its important to be aware of the sensitivities because they can cause undo stress and may, in my opinion, trigger a flare-up.

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  • Rubberman
    Rubberman February 15, 2012 at 5:54 am   

    I also find this with smells of perfume and spirit smells starts a unbarerable headache & cant stand places with loud music, and sence of touch have to have loose fitting clothes much more comfortable.
    and have to advoid places were it is very sunny, and also haladrone light bulbs & also those blue car lights when on the motorway have to pull over as get blinded.
    great thread thank you