Surviving stress during the holidays

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The holiday season is a busy and stressful time for most of us but for those of us with fibromyalgia, the holidays can be exhausting and overwhelming. The reasons that our symptoms get worse during the holidays have to do with the colder weather, poor sleep and increased fatigue. In order to get through the holiday season, you have to work to alleviate the stress caused by holiday shopping, cooking, family visits and work. This starts out with staying active and eating right to keep your immune system strong and your mind at ease.

Here are some things you can to keep fibromyalgia symptoms at bay this holiday season:
• Have a plan. Think about how much time you will need to shop, cook, and fulfill family and social obligations. Be realistic on how you budget site and on how you will hand last minute issues should they arise.
• Learn to say “no.” Don’t feel that you have to attend every holiday event. Just because you are invited doesn’t mean your attendance is required.
• Budget. Managing money during the holiday season can be just as stressful as managing time. Make a list of who, what and how much so avoid overspending.
• Be realistic. Understand that your schedule may change so if your plans have to change, don’t stress out over them – just go with the flow. Also understand that there will be surprises that are out of your control so take a deep breath and move forward.
• Don’t stray away from your healthy eating habits. Show some willpower because if you overindulge, you may see your symptoms give worse.

The holidays are a time for you to celebrate the important people and things in yourself so don’t let fibromyalgia get in the way. Prepare and don’t give yourself more than you can handle. After all, the holidays only come once a year and you should be able to enjoy them, not suffer through them.

What things do you do to help yourself survive stress the holidays?

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  • CraftBaby53
    CraftBaby53 November 22, 2011 at 9:29 pm   

    I agree it can be stressful and I found somethings that helped me get through the holidays without becoming overly stressed. I know some of the things I do is too late to try this year but there is next year to try them. First I do my shopping for everyone as I but their Birthday presents I buy their Christmas presents so I avoid the busy stores. As for colder weather I haven't found any answer there. For the crowds at the homes and meals I found it less stressful if I figure out what is most important and do away with the others. There comes a time I need to tell people sorry but I can't be there and I never question myself about protecting my health. I think that was the hardest thing I had to learn. I agree setting a schedule and following through is a be key to your health. I found it helpful to stick to my diet any not go off what I'm not suppose to eat and what I can. I'm no longer afraid to say no if it keeps me from stressing out. I do pray you all have a great holiday season this year. Know I'll say an extra prayer for you Lana and just know it's really okay to protect your health and mind this time of year. If you don't you're the only one who will suffer and others will feel sorry and guilt for putting you're health at risk. hat was hard on my mom when she realized how hard it effects me when I try to meet others needs and not mine. Believe me, I Know that's hard but it is so important to think of your health first.. God Bless