Anyone else care to share more about themselves?

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W Fox

I live just outside Green Bay WI. Ive been here since 1993. I have one teenage daughter and two adult boys. Its just my daugher and I living at home but my boys are ever present. I've been unemployed for 2 1/2 years. I pass my time playing Vampire Wars online, posting on a consipiracy website and staying in touch with family and friends. I like to keep my boyfriend company when he's searching for car parts and in the summer we like to go rummaging or just hang out watching movies. I have a cat who thinks by sleeping in the middle of the bed that its actually her bed. She grumbles alot when I want to go to bed but grudgingly ends up sleeping by my head. Im big on karma and meditation and wish desparatly I could once again go on with my martial arts training. Share what personal information you'd like its completely voluntary and I'd love to read more about you all! Peace and love.

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