Fibromyalgia and Stress

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Everyone is faced with stress, whether they have fibromyalgia or not. However, for those of us living with fibromyalgia, life is a lot more stressful for us than others. As you get sicker, you become scared and worried, you fight to keep your job, you have to cut hours, and you deal with employers, coworkers, family and friends who just don’t understand. A diagnosis like fibromyalgia is painful, costly and can lead to financial loss. You also have to deal with insurance companies and doctor’s offices. Moreover, there is a toll on relationships. All of these things lead to stress.

Having fibromyalgia also means that your body cannot deal with stress well. In fact, stress is a trigger to the disease and it also triggers symptoms and flare-ups. Pain is stressful too.

So what options do you have? I made the mistake of constantly taking ibuprofen to deal with pain and it resulted in high blood pressure. In addition, stress and pain combined were already adding to an elevated blood pressure. Now that I know how blood pressure is affected by ibuprofen, I have stopped taking it but I am in pain. We never win, do we?

We have to find ways to eliminate stress and to manage it when we cannot eliminate it. That is not easy, however.

What kinds of stress are you are dealing with? What kind of impact does that have on you? Have you found ways to manage stress? Has the reduction and management helped your health?

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  • W Fox
    W Fox December 5, 2011 at 12:27 am   

    I like to plan days ahead to just spend a few hours meditating and fire up the chakras. To me, it is the best de-stressor. The planning involves giving yourself plenty of time and no disruptions. Once achieved it can be very refreshing. On the flip side, it can be frustrating when you cant get yourself in tune because your on overload. I say, dont give up.