Badges: A Fun Way to Recognize Our Best Members

When you help our community grow by participating in discussions, giving hugs, reviewing products, or giving other kinds of support, you will earn these fun, colorful badges. Jump in, participate, and see how many badges you can collect. Here’s the list of all the badges you can earn today. We’ll be adding many more badges soon so check back and collect them all!

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  • Anniversary Newcomer for joining the community
  • Anniversary Prominent for 1 month of membership
  • Anniversary Famous for 3 months of membership
  • Anniversary Legendary for 1 year of membership


  • Discussions Wordsmith for posting 5 discussions others like
  • Discussions Rhetorician for posting 30 discussions others like
  • Discussions Scribe for posting 5 replies others like
  • Discussions Spokesperson for having your discussion featured


  • User Follow Friendster for making 10 friends
  • User Follow Connector for making 20 friends
  • User Follow Beloved for making 50 friends


  • Gifts Hugger for giving 10 hugs

Likes & Dislikes

  • Votes Opinionated for liking or disliking 5 items
  • Votes Choosy for liking or disliking 20 items
  • Votes Passionate for liking or disliking 50 items
  • Votes Grassroots for receiving 5 likes on your contributions
  • Votes Movement for receiving 20 likes on your contributions
  • Votes Revolution for receiving 50 likes on your contributions

Inbox Messages

  • Messages Youve Got Mail for receiving an inbox message
  • Messages Messenger for sending 5 inbox messsages
  • Messages Courier for sending 20 inbox messages
  • Messages Envoy for sending 50 inbox messages

News Articles

  • Articles Reporter for submitting 5 news articles others like
  • Articles Correspondent for submitting 10 news articles others like
  • Articles Journalist for submitting 20 news articles others like
  • Articles News Junkie for submitting 30 news articles others like
  • Articles Super Scoop for submitting 40 news articles others like
  • Articles Headline Hero for submitting 50 news articles others like


  • Participation Founder for being one of the first 100 active members
  • Participation Pioneer for being one of the first 200 active members
  • Participation Settler for being one of the first 300 active members
  • Participation Immigrant for joining more than one community


  • Photos Shutterbug for uploading a photo
  • Photos Photographer for uploading 5 photos
  • Photos Paparazzo for uploading 10 photos


  • Products Reviewer for reviewing 5 products
  • Products Assessor for reviewing 10 products
  • Products Inspector for reviewing 20 products
  • Products Critic for reviewing 30 products


  • Recipes Foodie for sharing 5 recipes others like
  • Recipes Cook for sharing 10 recipes others like
  • Recipes Sous Chef for sharing 20 recipes others like
  • Recipes Chef for sharing 30 recipes others like

Status Updates

  • Status Updates Chatty for updating your profile status 7 days in 1 month
  • Status Updates Gabby for updating your profile status 20 days in 2 months
  • Status Updates Loquacious for updating your profile status 40 days in 3 months


  • Visits Star for visiting 5 times in 1 month
  • Visits Superstar for visiting 10 times in 1 month
  • Visits Megastar for visiting 30 times in 2 months
  • Visits Supernova for visiting 50 times in 3 months