About Fibromyalgia Connect

Fibromyalgia Connect is a social network that empowers people living with fibromyalgia. We make it easy to start conversations, share treatments, read and post product recommendations, and much more.

We provide tools for our members to discuss the topics that they are passionate about. While the content is important, it is the sharing of a news story, the discovery of the latest treatments and the conversations between members that sets us apart.

Fibromyalgia Connect is owned and operated by UpWell Health. Our mission is to create social health networks that connect people to support communities for a growing number of health conditions.

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Do You Think You Would Make a Good Advocate?

We're always interested in meeting patients and experts who would like to be a Community Advocate.
If you would like to be considered as an advocate, please contact us and include:

  • Diseases or conditions you have experience dealing with
  • Experience you have in online communities (both UpWell Health communities and others)
  • Your current resume or work history

New Member Guide

General Guidelines

  • Be respectful and kind.
  • Realize that sarcasm and joking will often be misunderstood.
  • Typing in ALL CAPS is considered shouting.
  • Be careful about giving out medical advice—sharing your own experience is fine, but don't tell others what they should do.
  • Know that abusive or offensive behavior is not tolerated.

Discussion Guidelines

Discussions are a great place to interact with and learn from others. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your experience in the discussion boards.

  • Discussions with specific titles will receive more responses and better participation.
  • Ask the community for their experience, advice, or opinion.
  • Beware of telling others how to use the site—it's better to share any concerns directly with the community managers.
  • Use the discussions for topics of general interest and the inbox for private conversations.

Product Review Guidelines

One of the great things about bringing together thousands of people with the same condition is the wealth of knowledge about different products and treatments.

  • Please share your experience with products you have personally used.
  • Review specific products rather than broad categories (e.g., a review of "Novolog" is more helpful than a review of "Insulin").

A Note About Categories

All sections of the site, including discussions, news stories, and videos, provide the option of adding categories. By including keywords about the concepts and content of a particular item, you help make it easier for others to find information that can help them.

Your Privacy, Profile Page, and Settings

Use your Privacy & Settings page to control the information you want to share about yourself with the community. You can choose to make information such as your name or email address completely private, shared only with your friends, or open for the whole community to see.

In addition to privacy controls, we allow you to post questions and comments anonymously to help facilitate discussion of sensitive health topics without fear or embarrassment.