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rerefrike Have you had to fight to get pain… “I can't take the preferred meds due to severe depression but the dr wont prescribe pain meds so I suffer…”
fingertip giving up “I personally believe and experience that having some sort of goal on a daily basis helps to overcome various downsides…”
DonnaBoxi Childhood Abuse related to fibromyalgia? What is your… “I think this is true. Spanking exploits a child's pain processing functions while their brains are still developing. I believe…”
Dr Gary A little sensitive to criticism? If so, you’re… “Nobody likes to be criticized. We like to think we are doing/saying everything the right way. And when we’re told…”
CarlosTH What medications do you take to treat fibromyalgia? “Besides Lyrica and Cymbalta (Which it has been the combination that works best for me) I started with Gabapentin (2700mg…”

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