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leagal My mom passed away on Saturday.......comforting needed..... “Praying that the Lord will give you Comfort and Peace in knowing that you will see her again in Heaven.”
Dr Gary Work stress, life stress, can throw your self-care… “Stress at work… stress at home… and ignoring your self-care routine. Does this cycle sound familiar? It seems that we…”
Christyrn95 Have You Tried This? “I recently was placed on gabapentin I was to titrate slowly. Cyblata, nortriptlyine, lyrica made me so tired. I felt…”
krizt70 Tip of the Week #1: Self-Management “Is our spleen really at the head of our digestive system?I thought it was a backup blood supply.”
C.Birch body pain “I've had the 'F word' (I hate the word, I hate that I'm associated with it, I hate everything about…”

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