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Dr Gary Quick Poll: Has your partner met your doctor? “What about you and your partner? Are you always in sync on the what and the why and the how…”
Christyrn95 FibroFlare “This flare is killing me. Sensory overload, pain, nausea, light and sounds are painful, headaces, can't concentrate. I do notwant…”
Jadzea Finding A Good Bra “Try Haines. I found them about 6 years ago. They have all types of bras. I first found them through…”
Liza.lu89 The agony of waiting for test results. How… “Waiting was the hardest part. It took about three years to get a diagnosis. Firstly, my doctor told me to…”
tricia56 Fibro fog “Believe it or not, exercise helps me alot, just walking, plus I take neurotin”

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