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Lana Struggling with Low Motivation “Some days, it takes a lot out of me just to make it through the work day. When I get…”
jayabee52 Any friends in Knoxville TN “Howdy Fibromom You can search for people close to you by clicking on "members" above and then using the "mingle…”
Sue IngebretsonCHHC Do you know what to ask your doctor? “Thanks so much and I hope others join in the conversation, too!”
nanajack Memory Problems? Distracted Attention? Not Finding the Right… “The "fibro fog" terrified me at first. I thought i was developing dementia. Im not old enough for that. It…”
Amilayah Teeth and Mouth Issues? “Have your doc or dentist check it out. Xerostemia (dry mouth/nose/eyes) can be caused by many things. Nuvigil makes it…”

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