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Dr Gary Has your doctor recommended antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication? “Hey Michael, I am so glad you are here. You have been through so much! Sounds like you got some…”
friggawolf Up date to My dr dose not know… “So I found a new DR. after 4 months of being sick, She found the problem in less then…”
Dalatar My Doctor has no idea what is wrong… “I just joined the community today and am finding everyone's questions and replies in this forum very informative and helpful…”
Lana Teeth and Mouth Issues? “Xerostemia can be a symptom of Sjogrens, resulting in the decrease of saliva in the mouth.”
JosieN Intro “Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself:) just started here today. I've had fibro for over 10 years and it's been…”

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