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Dr Gary Ever get sick of being told to look… “I’ll follow up this question with another one: Ever just let yourself feel crummy (angry, sad, frustrated…)? I am all…”
arlenehouston Ever feel afraid? How do you cope? “Thanks for the reply Dr. Gary. I am thankful to know another person that understands what I'm going through. I'm…”
Dizzy65101 or Robin Staying informed. Are you active or just humming… “I used to be very active in finding every bit of new info I could find and although there is…”
slave driver How Do You Sleep With Fibromyalgia? “the only way i get any real sleep is if I take medication to make you sleep. And then…”
JanLam Fibromyalgia and the weather. “I've had fibromyalgia over 20 years now. Someone told me about this lotion, Two Old Goats, which you can order…”

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